Transportation Scholarship

Documents Transportation Scholarship 2018-2019

D-DSE-01 Convocatoria Otor. Becas Transp. 2019

F-DSE-01 Solicitud de Beca

F-DSE-02 Estudio Socioeconomico para otorgamiento

Transportation Scholarship: This consists of providing transportation to all students who travel from Ciudad del Carmen to the University and vice versa, without any cost to the beneficiaries; it is worth mentioning that this benefit is provided in accordance with the budgetary availability of the Institution.

Transportation Scholarship Procedure:

  1. The student must go to the Department of Student Services to collect the Application and the Socio-Economic Study form, which must be completed and submitted with the requirements, in the same department where it was provided, on the indicated date.
  2. The student must fill out and submit the requirements indicated in the same area where the application and study were provided.
  3. Then, the Student Services department will receive and verify that the information and documents are complete.
  4. As soon as the student submits the completed and correct documentation, he/she will be automatically considered as a student with the Transportation Scholarship fully granted.

Transportation Scholarship Requirements:

  • Copy of the proof of payment of tuition in the last month of the previous term.
  • Two recent non-instant, child size color photographs.
  • Letter size beige folder.


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