Ortiz Ávila Foundation Scholarship

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The José Ortiz Ávila Foundation has the purpose of:

To grant scholarships for bachelor’s degree studies at universities and public institutions of higher education.

The José Ortiz Ávila Foundation’s function is to provide direct support for living expenses on which the amount will depend on the authorized budget, with a duration of 10 months. It may be renewed in each school year until the end of the educational program, as long as it complies with the requirements established by the Foundation.

  • The publication date of the announcement is in March or April (tentatively) of each school year.
  • Candidates must complete the scholarship application form correctly in the Foundation’s Application Registration System. fundacionortizavila.com (Download the file and save it for subsequent printed submission).

The conditions and requirements for applying for the scholarship are stated in the announcement when it is published.

Scholarships will be granted by the Foundation’s Academic Committee in accordance with the current regulations and conditions stated in the announcement.