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Who are we?

We are an academic group of the career of information technology, whose objective is the display of auditory content endowed with the characteristics of the radio medium, which allows to inform and at the same time to entertain the university community and listeners in general who will be up to date with the academic, cultural, sporting and social events of the UTCAM.


Our mission is to inform, entertain and promote social, family, cultural, academic and sporting values offering a varied, entertaining and innovative programming through a dynamic and participatory radio aimed at contributing to the training of a collective consciousness and the well-being of the listeners.


Consolidate the 2016 as a leading broadcaster in the electronic and digital media that offers a programming of quality and general interest, participatory and promoter of values, at the forefront of technology, with an excellent production and unique style, Establishing special alliances with universities, educational institutes and public and private organizations dedicated to the integral development of the country.


To provide a digital medium that allows listeners to be up to date on the university climate of the UTCAM and the world, providing the academic and social community with an alternative of communication.