Bis Model

Bilingual, international and sustainable universities

Avant-garde model of higher education in Mexico, unique in Latin America. It operates under a bilingual, english-spanish pedagogical scheme. The courses are offered mostly in English Language.

The concept of internationalization implies in addition to the dominance of other languages, the acquisition of competencies comparable to those obtained by graduates from other educational systems abroad, in such a way that the facilities and quality of the teachers must Be World class.

It adopts sustainability as one of its guiding axes, promoting the harmonious interaction of students with their environment and society through the implementation of water reuse practices, rainwater catchment, garbage recycling, Use of solar and wind energy, planting of green areas mitigating CO2 emissions, among others; As well as policies of inclusion, respect for cultural diversity and human rights.

The English program was designed based on the common European framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), as a basis for the design of the English program, to be consistent with the educational model of the UUTT. It is imparted based on the competency-based education model. They include workshops of Writing, Reading, listening, speaking, grammar and Vocabulary, to reach the levels of achievement established by the CEFR.

The perspectives of this modality are as follows:

  • To encourage the conditions for students to make stays in higher education institutions of quality abroad.
  • Establish agreements with educational institutions abroad to grant curricular value to the studies carried out in Mexico and allow them to confer a degree jointly with the national institution: double Qualification.
  • To establish permanent teacher exchange programmes so that invited professors from abroad, to be a chair at BIS universities, and vice versa, through short-term stays.
  • To establish agreements with transnational companies so that the students make stays in companies established abroad.
  • To promote the conduct of joint research programmes previously concluded with the industry.



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