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ACCESS program opens City of CARMEN

With the attendance of 09 students of the UTCAM, university authorities, representatives of the United Mexico and the American consulate in Mexico, gave the inauguration of the Access program, which benefits to young people between 18 and 20 years of age who take courses Related to the energy sector.


During the inauguration ceremony the presence of the Mtro was attended. David Micó, consul General of the Embassy of the United States in Mexico, as well as authorities of the universities of the municipality of Carmen, personnel assigned to the embassy and students beneficiaries of the program.

The training is carried out through topics on American culture, social responsibility and the use of technology for learning. With their implementation, participants will have greater opportunities for access to studies and work.


The program will have a duration of 2 years with a total of 420 hours, focused on achieving a score of 40 to 50 points on the TOEFL IBT exam and started on January 27, 2018, although the agreement was signed on the 8th of the same month.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, the students of the career of mechanics, Isaac Montes Villalobos noted that the life of a student is full of opportunities that mark forever both in the professional and the staff, as reflected in the participation in The Access program.


He thanked the United Mexico Fund and the U.S. Embassy in Mexico for the opportunity to create and develop the Access program, which will strengthen training as students and future professionals.

He added that one of the main satisfactions he has had in being immersed in the Access program, has been to meet young people from other universities and to be able to work as a team with the same goal, the English language, which these days is fundamental.

On behalf of the Technological University of Campeche, the following students participate in the Access program: Emmanuel Espinoza Bejarano, Azucena Patrón Mora, José Alfredo Sosa Vázquez, Ernesto Zapata Gómez, Brando Raúl Chablé Calderón, José Carlos Hernández Hernández, Michel Jovanny Jiménez Velázquez, Adriana Leyva Rodríguez and Oscar Isaac Montes Villalobos.

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