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University student Day celebrated

As part of the celebration of the student's day, authorities of the Technological University of Campeche organized a series of events in which the young university participants participated.


It should be mentioned that this is the first time that the technological University of Campeche celebrates the students in its day, thanks to the initiative of the directors of career and of the manager of dispatch of Rectory, Mtra. Oresbia Abreu Peralta, who instructed the staff to organize the activities.


From early hours the students of the UTCAM gathered in the boardroom of the library building to participate in the first chess tournament, which enrolled 22 young people from different races, winning Jesús Manuel Hernández Sánchez , ninth-semester communication technologies student.


On the part of the accounting race, a karaoke contest was held, in which the young people showed their skills in singing, the contest being very attractive, which was carried out in the Convention hall of the University campus.


By taking the floor, Mtra. Oresbia Abreu Peralta, in charge of dispatch of Rectory congratulated the young people and urged them to continue putting their greatest effort in the academic work to reach the goal, reaffirming that the university preparation these days is fundamental to reach Personal and professional goals.


During the celebration some gifts were raffled among the students present, to later taste of food and drinks prepared for the occasion.




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