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Students of engineering in INDUSTRIAL maintenance work as an integrator.

Eighth-semester students of engineering careers in Industrial maintenance and oil maintenance, presented in the Convention Hall of the University campus of San Antonio Cárdenas, prototypes of projects they are doing as part of the Integrating matter I.


The exhibition, which was coordinated by Eng. Alejandra Rodríguez Cicero, teacher of the maintenance area, aimed at each project to manage maintenance activities by integrating the predictive plan, which guarantees the reliability and availability of the teams and contribute So, to the productivity of the organization.


To achieve this, the students determined which were the critical equipment for the company, and through the RCM maintenance methodology determined the master plan of maintenance of the equipment; Establishing savings in the maintenance process and thus increasing the service life and safe operational continuity.


During the development of the exhibition, 32 integrative projects were presented in connection with the companies of the region such as CICSA, MARINETECH, PEMEX, NEPSA, SSIGA, MI SWACO, EURONAVY, MATYEP, EURONAVY, DIAVAZ, SODEXO, PETRO HUASTECA among others.


This project allowed the students to put into practice what they learned in the classroom and also to generate ties with the companies.


The presentation of the Mtra works was presided. Oresbia Abreu Peralta, in charge of office of Rectory, Ing. Rosalío Farfán Martínez, Director of the maintenance career, Ing. Alfredo Fernández Martínez, director of the Mechanics race.

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