Publicado el Fri, 16 de February de 2018

Signature of agreement UTCAM-IMEC

With the aim of establishing the general bases to promote the training in the field of gender perspective to the students and teachers, the Technological University of Campeche (UTCAM) and the Institute of the Woman of the State of Campeche (IMEC), represented by the Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez and La Mtra. Dulce María Cervera Cetina, signed a collaboration agreement during a ceremony held in the main auditorium of the university campus to which they attended teaching staff, administrative and students of the different careers that are taught in the Institution.


In taking the floor, Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez, rector of the UTCAM, said that by signing the agreement, the commitment to carry out specific support activities within the framework of its own interests and common objectives is endorsed, as well as to evaluate the application and effectiveness of such Convention, including the content of the shares, for better execution.


It meant the work that the Institute of Women of the State of Campeche has done for the benefit of the women of the eleven municipalities hearty, which is supported by the Governor of the state of Campeche, Lic. Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, who since the beginning of his administration has placed special interest in the demands and needs of Campeche women to be heard and served in a timely manner.


Velázquez Rodríguez recognized the sum of wills, support and talent of the IMEC, as an instance that collaborates immediately and efficiently in the governmental task of developing public policies that respond to the needs of women, as well as by the Substantive equality between women and men.


On the other hand, the Mtra. Dulce María Cervera Cetina thanked the opportunity that the UTCAM grants by signing the collaboration agreement, with which the programs that the institution in charge will have greater scope by granting the facilities to the university community to participate Actively to promote, protect, disseminate and guarantee the human rights of women, among the students of the different careers and the staff that integrates the teaching staff and recognizing in addition, the educational quality and the prestige that this institution with Headquarters in San Antonio Cárdenas, municipality of Carmen.

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