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With a rain of multicolored lights and Disney figures, in addition to the traditional stamps of the birth and Santa Claus with his reindeer pulling the sleigh, authorities from the University of Technology of Campeche, accompanied by municipal authorities, managers, students and residents of the community of San Antonio Cardenas, inaugurated the Christmas decoration of the main entrance of the university campus.

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Rector Hilda Velázquez Rodriguez, in the first place, congratulated and thanked the efforts of teaching staff, administrative staff and students in the preparation of the figures and placement of the luminaire that can be enjoyed from today in the main entrance of the institution.

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He invited the community of the Atasta Peninsula, especially the inhabitants of San Antonio Cárdenas to enjoy the decorations that were placed for Christmas holidays, but above all he said, to take care and maintain in good condition the decoration that year after year adorns the university campus.

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Like every year, toys and sweets were given to the children attending.

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