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Attorney General visits facilities and dialogues with students.


Juan Manuel Herrera Campos gave the lecture “New Accusatory Criminal Justice System”to students of the Universidad Tecnológica de Campeche.

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Hilda Velázquez Rodriguez, Rector of UTCAM welcomed Prosecutor Juan Manuel Herrera Campos and thanked him for his interest in raising awareness through the conference of issues related to the work they do in the Attorney General’s Office on a daily basis.

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She reiterated the commitment of the Universidad Tecnológica de Campeche to provide an integral formation to the students that includes the knowledge of diverse subjects that allow them to forge a broader vision as future professionals.

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Speaking on behalf of Prosecutor Dr. Juan Manuel Herrera Campos pointed out that the conference aimed at disseminating the new criminal justice system, not only from a legal point of view, but also so that as a society, they get to know as much as possible about the subject so that they can have interaction with the new system at a given moment.

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When referring to the response of the young university students, he described it as incredible, having a very active participation with questions related to the management of the system and situations that are presented daily in our society, taking into consideration that the students of UTCAM are not law students.

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Rector Velázquez Rodriguez was accompanied by Attorney General Herrera Campos, Lic. Fernando Cortés Zepeda, Legal Director of the Utcam, as well as the presence of the body of directors of academic and administrative areas.

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