Publicado el Mon, 11 de December de 2017

PERSONAL visit of the American Embassy LA UTCAM.

They lecture on visas and scholarships to students.

In order to promote cultural, business and educational exchanges, Catherine Swanson – Consular officer, Ángel PUC – Visa Specialist and Rodrigo de los Santos – Educational advisor, staff of the U.S. consulate General | In the main auditorium, Mérida, Yucatán, México gave lectures to students of the different careers of the technological University of Campeche.


The talk of visas and scholarships was given with staff officially accredited by the American consulate in Mérida, who offered a talk/workshop on tourism visas, students, academics and stakeholders from the Technological University of Campeche, which Want to travel to the U.S. In order to provide you with detailed information on the procedure to follow, the requirements, the interview, The Times and doubts you may have as well as options for scholarships and curricula.


It is noteworthy that the response of the participants to the talk was gratifying due to the interest of some students about the scholarship programs that the embassy offers to seniors.

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