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Signature of UTCAM-COTAIPEC agreement.

Students are lectured on the use of social networks.


In order to initiate a coordination work, the Technological University of Campeche and the Commission of transparency and access to public information of the state of Campeche (COTAIPEC), signed a collaboration agreement to support the Utcam with a series of Programs, from the national platform of transparency in the protection of personal data and the open government program, to the accomplishment of activities with teaching staff, administrative and young university students.


The Lic. José Echavarría Trejo, president of the COTAIPEC noted that the technological University of Campeche represents an entity of young enthusiasts who currently manage an environmental protection program, which will be incorporated into the second State plan of Open State Government to give you the projection you need nationwide.

He added that the signing of the Convention was born from the need of the transparency Commission to support the universities, municipalities and Secretaries of State of the Government for the dissemination of the work that is being done by Governor Lic. Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas on all the axes established in the state Government Plan.

In taking the floor, Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez, rector of the Technological University of Campeche mentioned that the Technological University of Campeche, as the highest house of studies is an institution that has promoted the social, economic and human growth of the region, being that the Public function that it performs, should be directed to comply with the parameters that marks the citizenship itself and to achieve it it is paramount to be committed to transparency and accountability.


He emphasized that this collaboration agreement is aimed at promoting the culture of transparency, accountability, combating corruption, and the culture of these two human rights, which are in our days as relevant as the right to access To the public information and the right to the protection of our personal data.

-I have the confidence that adding will, experience and commitment create the necessary synergies to increase the culture of accountability and transparency, and thus coadyuvaremos in the crusade against corruption that has so eroded Our country.-

He recognized the work of our Governor Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas for his total commitment to combating opacity, corruption and for promoting a work agenda that promotes a culture of legality, since he has always reiterated that one of the priorities of the Current administration is to consolidate transparency as a public policy in which our entity is, according to different indicators, as a benchmark at the national level.


UTCAM’s commitment is clear: to form citizens who contribute to the construction of a better state and a constantly growing democracy.

The Lic. Manuel Román Osorno Magaña, Commissioner of the Cotaipec said that currently transparency, protection of personal data and open government are matters that have begun to occupy a dominant place in the political and social agenda, and that represent Great challenges for the institutions of the state, because they bring with them significant changes that have favoured and above all strengthened the right of access to information, accountability and civic participation in our country and entity.

In the same order of ideas, he commented that transparency is seen as an essential element for accountability, decision-making of government in sum, as an element without which there could be no open debate on the issues that interest us and PREOCE Upan all.


After the signing of the agreement, the Mtra. María de los Dolores Ortiz Lanz, director of personal data protection, gave the conference “Protection of personal data on social networks”, where he stressed that nowadays the management of information and personal data have become a common practice of adults, and especially teenagers and even children, with tools such as social networks that are part of the day-to-day and allow to obtain, store and disseminate a myriad of personal information in a simple and fast way.

The signing of the agreement was presided by Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez, rector of the UTCAM; The Lic. José Echavarría Trejo, president of the transparency and Public Information Access Committee of the state of Campeche; The Mtra. Oresbia Abreu Peralta, academic secretary of the UTCAM; Mtra. Teresa de los Dolores Ortíz Lanz; Lic. Manuel Román Osorno Magaña y C.P. Rosa Francisca Segovia Linares, commissioners of the Cotaipec.

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