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They obtain students of UTCAM first place of the LARC 2017 in Brazil.

They excel at teams from Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Chile


Students of the Mechatronics course at the Technological University of Campeche excel at teams from Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and Brazil and obtain first place in the "IEEE LARC OPEN" category of the XVI Latin American Robotics Competition (LARC) ; Competition that is organized by the Latin American Robotics Council in collaboration with the Brazilian Robotics Society, and that this edition was held from 7 to 11 November in Curitiba, Brazil.

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The students of the UTCAM achieved their participation in this competition after obtaining the first place in the category "Latin American robotics Competition Open Challenge" in the Mexican Robotics Tournament ® 2017, organized by the Mexican Robotics Federation in the Month of March in the state of Mexico, which gave them the right to represent our country within the just Latin American academic.

The challenge of the category focuses on growing demand for quality food from non-caged animals free of hormonal additives. It is therefore based on developing a completely autonomous robot that is capable of moving in a corral-like environment and detecting simulated cows, milking them and bringing the collected liquid to a container placed in a loading area, avoiding the stress of the animal caused by its transfer and milking process, said Eng. Juan Carlos Vera Perez, Director of the Mechatronics race, who said that this category has been based since its creation in 2007 in which competitors solve real problems of society.

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On the other hand, Ing. Javier Enrique Delgado Moreno, instructor of the UTCAM team, reported that in the IEEE LARC OPEN category, a total of 15 teams from countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and Brazil were registered, which made four rounds to accumulate the largest Number of possible points, leaving the final table for the first three places with 15 points for "RBL UTCAM" (Mexico), 6 points for "PEQUI Mechanic – UFG" (Brazil) tied with "Project Neon – IEEE OPEN 2017" (Brazil) and 5 points for "Roborregos – ITESM" (Mexico).

The representative of the UTCAM is formed by the students of the Mechatronics race Kamerlingh mosqueed Martínez of the 10th semester, Kevin Antonio Baas Hernández of 4 ° semester, Ilhuicamina González Borges and Victoria Berenice Rosado Yépez, both of 7 ° Semester, as well as the Ing. Javier Enrique Delgado Moreno who works as a manager of the Robotics center of the UTCAM.

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The rector of the UTCAM, Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez mentioned feeling very proud of the role played by young students, who showed at all times the total delivery in the development of the prototype, which led them to place the name of the institution at the top of the Competition, revealing the quality of education that students receive.

He added that for the technological University of Campeche it is a privilege to be able to support the students in this type of academic activities, which confirms the commitment of the Government of the state of Campeche, headed by Lic. Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, in giving the necessary tools for young hearty to stand out in international competitions.

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