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Altars and Catrinas contest.

With the theme of homage to Mexican artists, students conserve and promote Mexican traditions.

With the participation of students of the different careers of the technological University of Campeche, the traditional contest of altars and Trinans was carried out, which were made with the thematic homage to Mexican artists.

During the tour of the altars carried out in the halls of the buildings of the careers of accounting, Mechatronics, mechanics, renewable energies, Industrial maintenance and information and communication technologies, Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez, rector of the UTCAM, accompanied by C. P Andrés Rafael Flores Rocher, M.C.E. Eduardo Garrido Santisbón, L.P. Esmeralda Arjona López, M.C. Álvaro del Jesús Yam Morayta, M.A. Xóchitl Aguilar Osorio, Lic. Beatriz Arcila Flores, Lic. Silvia Cervera Góngora as well as the directors of the race, were able to appreciate the ingenuity of the students in the altars dedicated to Diego Rivera, María Félix, Pedro Infante, Juan Gabriel, Chespirito and Frida Khalo respectively.

During his speech, Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez, rector of the UTCAM mentioned that the day of the dead is a Mexican tradition that has been declared intangible Cultural heritage of the humanity of Mexico by UNESCO since the year 2008, tradition of which Mexicans have adopted as a Great party, as cult to death referring her in a graceful and Chusca way.

He said that is why the technological University of Campeche joins this celebration, which celebrates 13 years of being held in our institution in an uninterrupted way.

He said he felt satisfied with the work done by the students of the UTCAM, who spent time and effort in researching and documenting about the life and work of the honored artists, which resulted in the design of the altars a Success.

He congratulated the members of the jury qualified by the wise decision at the time of qualifying the work of the university students; As well as emphasized the presence of young members of the Rotary exchange program, which come from countries such as Brazil, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan, who go with the objective of knowing the cultural traditions of our Country.

After the tour of the altars and have listened to the thematic explanation of each of the participants, the jury awarded first prize to the career of Industrial maintenance with the shrine to “Chespirito” Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

While the second place corresponded to the career of information and communication technologies with Frida Khalo, and the third place was awarded the accounting career with the altar to Diego Rivera.

It should be noted that a prize of honorary mention was presented by altar with better oratory to the career of renewable energies with the altar to Juan Gabriel.

While in the singing contest, the winners were Yair Tejero, of the career of renewable energies and Alejandra Jiménez of the career of information technologies.


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