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Inauguration 24th National Week edition of Science and Technology.

From the 23rd to the 27th of October they will carry out work on the theme of "The water crisis, problems and solutions".


At the inauguration ceremony of the 24th National Week of Science and technology, under the theme "The crisis of water, problems and solutions" authorities of the Technological University of Campeche headed by Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez, rector of the UTCAM and Eng. Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Cabrera, Director General of the State Council for Scientific Research and technological development of Campeche and representative of Lic. Rafael Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, constitutional governor of the state of Campeche who emphasized that water is a strategic factor of national security and social and political stability of our nation, which is manifested in the national water Plan 2014 – 2018.


First of all they gave honors to the flag, which were in charge of the escort of the primary Pablo Garcia, who carried the Lábaro patriotic and sang together with all the attendees the Mexican national anthem.


By giving the welcome message to the attendees, Lic. Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez, rector of the UTCAM noted that national science and Technology Week is a forum through which thousands of young Mexicans know the multiple possibilities offered by the areas of science in the fields of productive activity, Scientific research and teaching.


He said that this year, the central theme is to be of great interest not only for the university but for the society, our country and the entity that face enormous challenges to attend to so challenging problem: water.


He stressed that in Campeche and particularly in Carmen, we need to move towards a sustainable management of water that considers positive changes in cultural and ethical values, as well as developing new technologies that support the current processes and policies of Water management, establishing strategies based on demand reduction, savings, efficiency in use; Without losing that, the quality of life we can achieve is due to applied science; Therefore, young university students, what they learn during their passage through this House of studies, will contribute to science and knowledge, which are part of our life and our environment, because it is present in all aspects of everyday life.


He stressed that in the current administration of our Governor Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, education, science and technology constitute an indissoluble trinomial that demands greater government commitment to the challenge of generating new answers and Alternatives to the challenges of a sustainable development in the State, so this academic week, is a space to sow the Campeche of the future, but also the Campeche of the present with the young.


Hilda Velázquez Rodríguez said that this initiative of CONACYT with which, not only the UTCAM but the government of the State is committed, is done because the university we are interested in the construction of a Campeche and Carmen of more opportunities, That persists in the economic development that the Governor has initiated, based on the use of all our capacities, of all our riches, and I do not mean only natural wealth, but also the richness of our people, our Knowledge, our creativity and especially the young talent of this institution.


To the participants, students and companies I point out that there is certainty, given the great interest generated in each of the previous editions, that during this week we will awaken the interest of you, our university students, to develop more in the research and Science, because our task as a university is to broaden the horizon and the paths for the development of science and technology in Campeche and Carmen.


"-I am sure that in this week we will seek better ways to promote the approach of science to society. Making it clear that science is a social good that should not be detached from its human face. Those who perform scientific activities in the university must understand the meaning of what they know, what they are investigating, what they do and integrate their knowledge within a broad and human institutional perspective, only in order to achieve the satisfaction of duty fulfilled "-.


Our university has carried out the national Science and Technology Week, in response to the calls issued by the National Council of Science and Technology CONACYT, agency responsible for promoting and strengthening scientific development and modernization Technology of Mexico, which aims to communicate simultaneously throughout the country for one week scientific and technological knowledge and its innovation in its various segments of public sectors to promote scientific technological vocations and to improve the perception of science and technology in the framework of the knowledge society.


In doing the sketch of the Week of Science, the Director of the career of mechanics, Ing. José ISAAC Arjona Gutiérrez pointed out that in view of the problems of the vital liquid worldwide and its growing demand for use at the national level, "the water crisis, problems and solutions" was selected, taking into account that in this historical and normative context , CONACYT established the Sectorial fund CONAGUA-CONACYT "research and development on Water" that has published calls from 2010 to support projects of scientific research and technological development in the topics of: National hydrological system ; Integrated water management; Human resources training; Wetlands and water quality studies.


He said that national science and Technology Week contributes to the objective set out in the State development Plan 2015-2021 "to use scientific and technological development as a motor of sustainable economic and social progress" statement showing the A successful vision of Governor Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas to promote science and knowledge in favor of the growth of our society.


During the development of the inauguration ceremony, awards were given to companies that contribute to the technological development of students by encouraging them during the period of stay, and they offer constantly employment to our graduates of the Different careers, including Constructora subaquatic Diavaz S.A. De C.V. and Petrolmeca S.A. De C.V., who were distinguished with entrepreneurial recognition UTCAM 2017.


In the teaching line, Ing. Yita Maritza Kuk Góngora, of the Industrial mechanics race; Lic. Fátima Heredia Alcocer, Eng. Álvaro de Jesús Yam Morayta, Eng. William Torres Hernández, Industrial Maintenance, and Eng. Eduardo Antonio Reyes Pacheco of Industrial mechanics, were recognized as an academic entrepreneur for being teachers who participated in the program for professional development teacher, for higher type (PRODEP) of the SEP, certifying with Habilitation Superior technological professional, to achieve the capacities of research-teaching, technological development and innovation and, with social responsibility, who were exhorted to articulate and consolidate in academic bodies and thereby generate a New academic community capable of transforming its environment


In the same way, awards were given to Luis Felipe Zavala Domínguez, Carlos Mario Pérez Gómez and Víctor Armando López Correa, successful graduates who have obtained promotions in their use of the operational level at positions of a hierarchical level, showing that they can To achieve success through competitive exercise in an ethical and sustained quality for the benefit of the country and its Alma Mater, exhorting to continue to be a testament to success, to continue to carry the name of the institution high up the world.


The inauguration was in charge of the Eng. Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Cabrera, Director General of the State Council for Scientific Research and technological development of Campeche.

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